Positioning voters of color to send a message in Virginia

Our new poll with BlackPAC, shows Virginian voters of color feel under siege in 2017, and want to send a message to Donald Trump when they vote for governor and other statewide offices Nov. 7. The poll, conducted by brilliant corners on behalf of BlackPAC, was put in the field weeks after white supremacists stormed Charlottesville, and indicates growing racial anxiety among Black, Latino, and Asian and Pacific Islander voters in the state. While Democratic statewide candidates lead among voters of color, they will all need to engage in intensive voter outreach to people of color on core issues of racial justice and economic populism to win. The majority of votes cast in Virginia for Hillary Clinton in 2016 were voters of color (51%). These voters are not just an important part of Democrats path to victory in Virginia, they are the only path to victory. Take a look:


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These Obama voters snubbed Hillary Clinton — and ‘they don’t regret what they did’

“They” are millennials of color who either didn’t vote or voted third party. And for Cornell Belcher, the president of Brilliant Corners Research & Strategies, who was the pollster for the Democratic National Committee under then-Chairman Howard Dean and for both of Barack Obama’s campaigns for the White House, this makes them the new swing voters the Democratic Party should be trying to win over.

VOX – 2/17/17

Excerpt: “Cornell Belcher, who served on the polling team for both of Obama’s presidential campaigns, lays out in detail in his book A Black Man in the White House. In it, he makes the case that Obama’s election triggered what he’s dubbed “America’s racial aversion crisis”: a panicked emotional response on the part of white Americans to an African-American president, which transformed into a powerful force in politics.” Read More: